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HigPup's Dogs

Jackson:  Lab/Rott  14 years old   (died 12/27/05)  Jackson and Magic, when pup

Cooper: Yellow Lab  8 years old

Magic:  Lab/Shep  RIP  7/18/2015

Angel:   Lab/?   10 years old

4/11/09  Cooper waiting to play ball.

1/24/09  Magic and Cooper playing with a tennis ball


12/07/08    Cooper in the Impala, after I took the seats out.

11/18/07          Angel, Magic and Cooper.

11/0910/07 Cooper and Magic .


10/30/07  Magic and Cooper sharing the chair. Not what Magic had in mind.  Tug a War, Magic's letting Cooper do all the work while he just spins his head around.


10/28/07 Cooper, Magic and Angel.

06/10/07 Magic asleep in his chair after a hard day of playing.

2/03/07   My little helper has to lay in the car while I work on it.


10/14/06 First picture, Angel grabbing the back of Magic's neck trying to get him to chase her.  Second picture is Angel getting a running start and jumping at Magic, a regular occurrence, when they get wound up. 

8/26/06 Magic taking a nap while I work on my car.


8/13/06 Angel wakes up just as I snap picture.

7/29/06 Magic sound asleep.

7/08/06 Magic on the left, Angel on the right