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63 Impala SS   

Car came to me from a friend to refresh, new paint, interior wheels, tires and engine if needed. Car was towed in 10/19/08 The below pictures are the first before any work was done.


New pictures toward bottom of page.

10/25/08  Put in a new fuel pump, filter and fuel hose to carb.

11/1/08   Took out old spark plugs, only 3 were gapped correctly, most were almost closed.  I put in NKG plugs.  Adjusted the dwell and timing.  

11/15/08  Started taking off the trim and front bumper and grill.

11/22/08  Took out back window

11/29/08  Took off fenders and inner fender wells. 

12/07/08  Took out the seats.  Radiator support also came out to prepare for engine to come out.

12/13/08  Pulled Engine and Transmission.

12/20/08  Made a patch panel for shifter area, and installed it.

12/27/08  Had to box the floor pan support after finding rust, when cutting the inside of the floor pan out to make replacement piece.

12/28/08   Fabricated metal patches for inside floor pan. 


1/17/09  Media blasted some of the engine bay frame and firewall.


1/24/09 Media blasted a bit more, and started painting.

2/28/09 Took off the back bumper and got the car transportable to go get painted.

3/01/09  Car being towed off to get painted.  The work on the engine and recovering the seats will start while car is away.


03/08/09  Took off oil pan and replaced leaky rear main seal.

03/09/09  Put oil pan back on, cleaned engine and painted.

04/11/09  Took off old upholstery and put on new with my Brother's help.   Thanks Bryce!   2 weeks prior we buffed and polished all the chrome trim for the car.  Now just waiting for car to come back from painting.

8/23/09  Car came back from paint and body work.

9/05/09  Bryce and I started putting the car back together.  We put in sound deadener, carpet, rear seats, rear side panels, and arm rests.  We also coated the trunk with anti rust paint.  Last we started on the head liner.

9/07/09  Finished putting back seat together, repainted firewall, and suspension parts.  We put a few pieces of molding on, and put the trunk weather striping in.

Cooper kept getting the car every time I opened the door :)

  9/12/09  The engine and transmission was put back in with my brothers help, and my nephew Carl ("The Jack Man") Higgins. :)

  10/2/09   We put the Power steering pump, alternator, radiator support, fenders, grill, front bumper and new wheels on.   I had been working on the back getting the trim on.  Almost ready to fire up.  Just need to put battery in, and put water in radiator and put the starter in.

10/03/09  Put in the head lights.

10/09/09  We put the back window in and then the back bumper.   Then the battery, and starter in, and fired it up.  Started working on the wiring and making sure lights all worked properly.  Still have a bit to do on that part.

10/31/09 Worked on getting the lights all working, painted steering wheel.  Put shift boot on, adjusted clutch.


11/14/09         Car is all done and gone. Next project!