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1973 Pontiac Trans Am 455ci, Munci 4spd

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Purchased in 1996 for $2700. It took me years to find a Trans Am this old, that wasn't over $6000. Looking back it would of been MUCH cheaper to pay $6000 for one.

 The engine was supposed to have been just rebuilt by the previous owner and was told to me to be a Super Duty, but something in the engine wasn't right and antifreeze was everywhere it shouldn't have been.   On the rebuild I found out it is not a Super Duty.  The cylinders were full of antifreeze when I took the heads off. So the rebuilding began. The newest pictures are at the top, oldest at the bottom of the page. 

Here is a cool place to go to get info on 2nd Gen Trans Am's   www.transamcountry.com


Engine work, pre body shop

Car in body shop

8/22/09  All done.  Sounds much better with new headers on, and NO exhaust leaks in engine bay now. Oil pump works great.  First picture of whole car is at ride height.  Second picture of whole car is lowered on Air Ride. 

8/1/09  Bryce came over and helped me again, put the tranny and engine back in the car.  We also put the front end back on.

   7/25/09  Put new oil pump in and checked for wear after 350 miles, all is good. New brake booster added and painted engine.

07_18_09  Decided It's time to probably sell.  A few things that I took short cuts on the first round have to be fixed.  Like New headers and oil pump.  I will paint the engine before going back in, and fix transmission leak.  Needs new brake booster also.  My brother Bryce was kind enough to come help me pull the engine today.  THANKS BRO!

06_19_07  After about 50 miles run.  Runs like a champ!  Pics are not at ride height (lowered on air ride)

06/10/07  After putting in a Powertrax system to turn the open diff to posi, took the car out for a turn or two around the block.

  05/12/07 Finished up putting the dash and steering wheel on.

04/29/07 Finished up the Flowmaster exhaust.

  4/07/07  Polished, painted and installed grills.  This is a good shot of the front end paint work that will get repaired soon.

  4/06/07 Seats installed with sill plates.  Seat belts installed completely.

4/05/07  Started to install seats and seat belts.

4/4/07  Rear tinted window, and new windshield installed.

2/11/07  Installed the glove box, painted the glove box door and installed.  Adjusted the window, and put together passenger side of door panel, and loosely hung on door.

2/10/07   Picture of the inside after a little bit of work. 

2/03/07  Painted a new master cylinder and put on new brass distribution block.  Put headlights in with bezel, and retaining ring.

11/24/06 painted seat frame the previous week.  Started to put together seat with new seat upholstery.

11/04/06 Put in new fuel tank.

10/23/06  Wiring cleaned up a bit, center console in.  Cut a hole for the new power window switch, and the  Air Ride Suspenion control display.

10/14/06  Almost done with the wiring.  Wires got ran from power windows, and Air Ride display to fuse box.  Harness cleaned up and placed behind dash pad.

10/07/06  Continued on wiring, and put dash cap on dash pad and placed back in car.

10/01/06   Finally got Fender flairs back on after being re painted.  Finished the rear, tail lights all in, with new bezels. Wheels on and the car is slammed with the Air Ride.  Looking more like a car now.

09/23/06  Mounted the "PONTIAC" letters on the rear body piece and mounted it on the car.  Got the bumper back on.  Stopped on the wiring for a week.  Got most of the PAINLESS wiring on the car and hooked up.  Still have to hook up Air Ride, Stereo, and a few other things.  I have a new master cylinder for the brakes and I'm awaiting the arrival of the distribution block between the brakes and the master cylinder.

09/02/06 Did more on the rear interior, and installed JL Audio 6x9's and hooked them up to the amp and sub woofer.  Magic my dog loves to sleep in the car when I'm working on it now that carpet is down.

08/22/06 Interior started to be put back in, wheels and tire arrived.  Eagle wheels series 212.

08/08/06  Pictures of the interior

Started on Saturday morning, cutting spring pockets out bigger to put in the shockwave Air Ride suspension.  Next came replacing upper and lower control arms, then putting on new brake calipers (2 piston).  Even though the rotors look old they are brand new, just been on the car for a year. This car has only been driven by me 100 feet and that was before painting.

07/16/06 Front Suspension comes out waiting for plasma cutter to widen spring pockets for AirRide suspension.

07/08/06 Almost done with wiring and routing air lines to suspension.

07/04/06 Finished with the rear end part of the Air Ride suspension.  Next is the mounting the air compressor, tank and valves.

6/18/06  Rear end comes out to prepare for Air Ride Suspension.  Air Bar 4 link system for rear, Shockwave with upper and lower control arms for front will be used.  The wheel flares are off, due to needing to be repainted.

6/11/2006  Homecoming